July 25, 2017

Surfing The Web Is Your Job

Web 2.0 sites, technologies and communities crop up on a seemingly daily basis. It can get overwhelming to be a marketer in the trenches.

“What’s the bare minimum of Web 2.0 stuff that deserves my time and attention?” seems like the million-dollar, coping question. Many want to add only the so-called essential, proven nextnewshiny to their bag of tricks. Even then they do it begrudgingly because, well, change sucks.

This is an understandable, but incorrect approach. Instead of waiting to spend a lot of time on the fewest sites possible, you should play a little with a lot instead.

Smart Play

Case in point: SlideShare.

SlideShare is the YouTube or Flickr of the PowerPoint set. It gives you a place to store your presentations, easily serve them up online and browse through other uploaded presentations.

Spending time on SlideShare is equal parts inspirational and educational. The Economist publisher Ben Edwards provided an example when he uploaded “Tackling Social Media At The Economist.” His presentation offers insight into how mainstream media are turning their news sites into communities.

Now it was random luck this presentation caught my attention, but this experience confirms SlideShare as one more place I’ll search when creating new profiles on key reporters and media outlets. There’s no guarantee what you will find during these searches. But I am willing bet that you won’t find this type of granular detail in media databases like MediaMap. It’s well-worth worth the time spent.

New Tools Require New Rules

Surfing the web is part of your job. It helps you create a blend of sites that help you work smarter. And that’s why you’re reading this stuff in the first place, right?

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