July 26, 2017

If You’re Not Using Twitter As A Learning Tool You’re Doing It Wrong

I had some interesting conversations with some friends of mine yesterday. Most of them were short and sweet. Some where really just a collection of musings. But a few actually gave me some ideas that I plan on implementing to help maximize my marketing career.

And the best part that all of this happened within the span of a minute or two via my Twitter stream.

These types of valuable, ROI-laden exchanges happen fairly frequently for me, which helps justify the 5-10 minutes per day that spend interacting with Twitter.com. However, valuable interactions are really just the tip of the iceberg. The real value, for me, is two-fold:

  1. The ability to get connected, introduced, or simply be made aware of fellow online marketers and business professionals that are experts in their particular fields, so that I can build my own personal business network
  2. The ability to follow these experts and create a collective stream of hyper-curated content links that I can read and digest in order to make sure that I’m ahead of curve in terms of trends, insights, analysis, and overall digital marketing strategy

The common thread that ties all three of the aforementioned Twitter perks is education. I learn by interacting with friends and colleagues. I learn about bright minds in the industry that I may have never become aware of otherwise. I learn about cutting edge marketing insights by reading the wonderful links that are introduced to me via my carefully curated Twitter stream.

Which brings me back to the conversation I was having with my friends this morning. What was it about? Curating your Twitter feed to minimize noise and maximize value!

John Doherty offered up the most insightful tip, pointing out that if you eliminate super chatty folks from your stream (e.g. people that Tweet incessantly day and night) you can cut down on noise significantly (he claimed that cutting out just one chatty tweeter cut his noise down by about 80%) but several other smart marketers also offered up interesting insights and affirmation.

One of the things several of us wondered about was how some Twitter users can stand to have thousands of folks in their stream. The noise would seem to be unbearable. My theory is that for many of these people, Twitter is really more about broadcasting (e.g. reaching as many individuals as possible). Therefore, they’re not really using their stream to learn. Instead, they’re willing to barter a follow for a follow back in an effort to grow that supposedly all-important follower count.

As far as I’m concerned, anyone approaching Twitter in that manner is missing out on the real ROI that this particular social media network can provide.

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