July 26, 2017

Teen Sextortion is Huge Problem

September 6, 2016 InsideOffice Staff

A new Microsoft study shows that teen sextortion is running rampant online, with 44% saying they’d personally experienced sexual threats or knew of instances among family and friends. Of those who encountered sextortion, more than one-third said it happened nearly every time they go online! The study, “Civility, Safety and […]

Time Saving Hacks for the Office

August 15, 2016 InsideOffice Staff

LinkedIn Influencers provided some of their strategies on saving time. “Any email you can answer in 2 minutes or less, answer now,” says Betty Liu, Founder/CEO at Radiate, Inc.Rand Golletz, Managing Partner of Rand Golletz Performance Systems replied, “Straight out of David Allen: Do it, delegate it, defer it, or […]

Native Advertising is a Huge Trend

July 25, 2016 InsideOffice Staff

Native advertising, sponsored content or branded news (all the same) is booming and with some online publishers it’s now their main source of revenue. It’s important to note that native advertising is not content marketing. Content marketing is a content strategy by brands where typically, they own the content, such […]

Virtual Reality Changing the World of Marketing

July 19, 2016 InsideOffice Staff

Virtual Reality is in its infancy but will very shortly have a major impact on everyone, especially marketers. Every major tech company is focused on Virtual Reality and because of that the technology has rapidly improved over the last couple of years. Last year Facebook paid $2 billion for crowd-funded […]

Measuring Your Advertising Across All Devices

July 11, 2016 InsideOffice Staff

Google recently conducted a live video hangout discussing cross-device measurement, which is extremely important to advertisers to properly attribute which ads are leading to sales. “With the proliferation of mobile devices we all know that user behavior has changed quite significantly over the past few years,” said Meghan Lee, Agency […]

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