August 17, 2017

Writing A Strong Business Marketing Plan

September 23, 2010 Stacy Karacostas

People often talk about your marketing plan being a roadmap. But definition doesn’t really do it justice. Because when you write your marketing plan, you’re doing far more than just creating a roadmap. You’re preparing for your journey from struggling start-up to business success. And that involves way more than […]

Case Studies May Not Be Worth While For Your Business

September 16, 2010 Rohit Bhargava

There is a misguided search that almost everyone working in marketing around the world seems to be on. It involves seeking a golden example or case study that lays out perfectly how to achieve success with social media and be effective. In their minds, this case study would create the […]

Google Alerts Make Monitoring Your Brand An Easy Task

September 2, 2010 Matthew Elshaw

Keeping track of what customers are saying about your brand or business online is now an essential part of running a small business. Participating in discussions across forums, twitter and facebook helps you stay connected with customers and address any concerns or queries they have. While this might seem like […]