July 25, 2017

Q&A: Domain Names Incorporating Major Product Keywords

May 31, 2007 Staff

Dear Kalena… We run an ecommerce site and my boss would like to take advantage of the strong demand for a couple of our products in particular. One of the ideas being tossed around is creating domain names that incorporate these keywords so that search engines find them more quickly […]

The 3rd Annual Interactive Promotion Summit

May 17, 2007 Staff

After spending all winter under a dead gray Michigan sky, I recently had the opportunity to fly to sunny Las Vegas to attend ePrize’s Interactive Promotion Summit at Caesar’s Palace. I spend the majority of my time neck deep in the search world, so it’s always interesting for me when […]

Why Small Can Be So Hard When You’re Big

May 8, 2007 Staff

I’ve written before about the search marketing difficulties of large sites, but today I want to make a bigger point. Doing anything small is hard for many large companies. If you work at a small company, this might mystify you-after all, big companies have the talent and resources to do […]