December 6, 2016

Audience Network Pricing Placement by Conversion Quality

November 1, 2016 InsideOffice Staff

Since Facebook’s Audience Network ad platform was launched, they have always been about differentiating themselves from Google Adsense by focusing more on conversions. Recently, they announced that they would start pricing clicks differently depending on where the ad was placed, with the idea that not all clicks are created equal. […]

View the Last 2016 Presidential Debate on YouTube

October 18, 2016 InsideOffice Staff

Google has made it easy to watch the final presidential debate right on YouTube. “Over the past three debates you’ve come to YouTube to follow live coverage from more news organizations than ever before,” says Brandon Feldman, who is YouTube’s head of news partnerships. “And Wednesday’s third and final debate […]

Autonomous Vehicles are Here and Will Change Our World

September 20, 2016 InsideOffice Staff

Driverless vehicles have the ability to literally change the world by making driving safer, more energy efficient, more accessible, and many will be happy to hear… eliminate congestion and gridlock. The government today made an important first step in truly making this possible. “Today is an important moment at the […]

Teen Sextortion is Huge Problem

September 6, 2016 InsideOffice Staff

A new Microsoft study shows that teen sextortion is running rampant online, with 44% saying they’d personally experienced sexual threats or knew of instances among family and friends. Of those who encountered sextortion, more than one-third said it happened nearly every time they go online! The study, “Civility, Safety and […]

Time Saving Hacks for the Office

August 15, 2016 InsideOffice Staff

LinkedIn Influencers provided some of their strategies on saving time. “Any email you can answer in 2 minutes or less, answer now,” says Betty Liu, Founder/CEO at Radiate, Inc.Rand Golletz, Managing Partner of Rand Golletz Performance Systems replied, “Straight out of David Allen: Do it, delegate it, defer it, or […]

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